Pizza and Stories, Could There Be A Better Combination?

Pizza and Stories, Could There Be A Better Combination?

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If there is one thing that the Bear has always loved it’s writing stories. Even before she started school she would dictate stories to me then copy them out. Just like reading is for her a form of escapism, writing gives her an opportunity to create the worlds she dreams of making them into a reality.

Therefore when we were invited to a Novel writing workshop hosted by Pizza Express she was more than a little delighted. Especially as on her list of favourite things dough balls and pizza follow only slightly behind stories.

So yesterday the four of us set off to Leeds, to the Pizza Express at The White Cloth Hall, Crown Street to experience a chance to improve our writing whilst sampling some delicious food.

So What Did We Love About It?

The venue itself was a definite hit, in fact a photographer’s dream with its high ceilings and exposed brick work, it was the perfect place for any family event.

Even the Bear – our resident germaphobe – was pleased with how beautifully clean it was, and that is a very impressive feat indeed!

The Novel writing workshop was professionally presented and the analogies drawn between Star Wars and Harry Potter were particularly enjoyed by the Bear, who is a huge fan of both.

Despite the workshop being oversubscribed the staff on the day did a fantastic job of putting people at ease and making sure that things ran as smoothly as possible. They were polite, courteous and clearly cared deeply about their work.

I was particularly impressed by the low pressure nature of the workshop. Children were encouraged to write at their own pace and reassured that it was ok if one chapter wasn’t finished before they moved on to the next.

Both children thoroughly enjoyed their food, with a huge success for us being that the Lion enjoyed ice cream for the first time. I know those of you who have followed us through the journey of his dairy allergy and feeding difficulties will love this sight every much as we did!

This time last year, he was in hospital for dehydration because we just couldn’t get anything down. I often look back now and think how much less we would have worried had we been able to see into the future, so this picture is included to give hope to those of you still on that journey.

What Would We Have Changed?

It would have been lovely to see more interaction between the lady running the workshop and the children, perhaps for her to go around and take a look at the stories that they had written. I know there were children there that worked really hard and would have loved a little positive feedback from a novel writing expert.

Who Would We Recommend The Workshops And Pizza Express To?

The workshops were well pitched to the 7-11 age group and would definitely be enjoyed by budding writers in this age range. Because of the analogies drawn between Harry Potter and Star Wars, lovers of those stories are likely to be particularly drawn in. That said those who hadn’t read either would still have been able to follow easily.

The Pizza Express at the White Cloth Hall was an incredible venue and definitely one of the nicest Pizza Express restaurants that we have been to. It’s perfect for special occasions, or just a nice meal when you are out for the day. Light, airy and spacious it’s perfect for families who enjoy a little extra space whilst eating. Because of it’s location in the city, the space outside is also perfect if children need a little break outside, making it perfect for families of children with autism.


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