Self Care Products For Busy Mums

Self Care Products For Busy Mums

*Contains PR samples.

Over the last few weeks each Thursday we’ve been talking about remembering to take care of ourselves, in order to ensure that we are the best us we can be for our children and/ or our students.

Today I thought I would focus on a few products that I’ve started using in a bid to practice what I preach. Because when it comes to self care I definitely need to start listening to my own advice!

Angela Langford Balancing Act: Balancing & Anti-Ageing Daily Moisturiser

I am definitely not a queen of beauty, and the array of beauty products on the market confuse me to the point where I often walk out of a shop without anything. I haven’t got a clue. What I do know however is that I love Angela Langford’s products. And honestly part of the reason I love them is that they are easy to buy.

I can buy them online, I don’t need to know anything about my skin type, they smell divine, make my skin feel great and take me literally seconds to use. It’s a beauty regime that even I can cope with. And if I can cope with it, you definitely can too.

Olverum Bath Oil

I am terrible at doing nothing. Honestly terrible. In fact the only time I do nothing is when I’m in the bath. After all, the laptop would get damaged in the water – so justifiably even I can take my foot off the pedal for a few minutes! And if I’m going to spend some time relaxing I love doing so whilst using beautiful products. Olverum is among the best of the best. Perfect for relaxing and soothing away the stresses at the end of a busy day. It not only makes you feel fantastic, but smells divine as well.

A Bunch Of Flowers From Cancer Research UK

If you like me are completely fed up of winter, then a bunch of beautiful blooms really is the perfect choice. I can’t think of a better pick me up than the promise of Spring finally being on its way. Delivered complete with a vase and tied in the middle so even those of us less than artistic in our flower arranging skills can guarantee them looking beautiful, this is a bunch that’s hard to beat. And as they are purchased from Cancer Research UK you can feel good about helping a great cause at the same time. They are definitely a treat that can’t fail to make you feel good.

Lumie Vitamin L Slim Light Therapy Solution

Perfect to complement your bunch of flowers and really create a feel of spring in your home. Lumie’s fantastic range of light therapy products, perfect for those who suffer from SAD, are designed to lift your mood, boost concentration and restore natural energy. The newest product in their range ‘Vitamin L‘, is both slim and lightweight. I am really enjoying working in its warm natural feeling light and love the fact that I feel as if I’m doing something proactive to stave off the Winter blues.

The Chapel Noctula Scented Candle

As those of you who are regular readers of our self care series will know, I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment to improve my sleep and this beautiful candle is part of my armoury. A range designed especially hard working mums who need to take time to pause in their busy lives they couldn’t resonate more with my message. Although the range comes in a variety of scents, Noctula is the one designed to turn off the day and relax into night, perfect for those of you who never have a moment to relax when the children are around, whose bodies need a signal that it’s ok to switch off at the end of the day.

Nutri-Derma’s Organic Pillow Spray

In a further bid to encourage my brain to switch off when I get into bed, I’ve been road testing Nutri-Derma’s Organic Pillow Spray over the last week. And whilst I have no idea whether it’s having any impact on my sleep, I have to admit that I really do love it. Containing lavender, bergamot, lemon and rosemary it is making my bedroom smell incredible and I love lying in bed at night relaxing in its gorgeous scent. It really does feel like a lovely luxurious way to end the day.

MyBody by Myleene Klass

MyBody by Myleene Klass is a workout programme with a difference. Perfect for those of us who struggle to leave the house in a bid to keep fit, the box contains everything you need to work out at home. From carefully structured sessions on two separate DVDs to your very own sandbell, this is a programme designed by a mum for mums. My fitness levels are definitely in need of improvement, and right now I know that not only time but also my confidence would stop me wanting to work out in front of others. I’m excited that this programme allows me to go at my own pace, pause the DVD when I want to, and critically means that only I witness the fact I am very definitely a work in progress!

How about you, what have you treated yourself to recently in a bid to dhow yourself a little love?


6 thoughts on “Self Care Products For Busy Mums

  1. Oh the pillow spray sounds lovely, bedtime is my chill time and that would by do so nice to chill with. I’m rubbish at taking time for myself enough

  2. What a great range of products! I’m intrigued by that light – it looks like something I should invest in. I really do suffer with the lack of sunlight where I live.

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