A Review Of The Teletubbies Twist and Chime Figures

A Review Of The Teletubbies Twist And Chime Figures

The Lion is more that a little selective about the television programmes he chooses to watch. Unlike his big sister, who would sit goggle eyed for hours on end if we let her, the Lion rarely sits still enough to watch for longer than a few seconds at a time.

The Teletubbies however has always been an exception to that rule. He has loved them since the first time he watched them, and they are the only programme he ever requests.

So when were offered to test out the Teletubbies Twist and Chime Figures and a talking Teletubby we jumped at the chance.

So What Do We Love About The Teletubbies Twist and Chime Figures?

I expected the Lion to love the Teletubbies Twist and Chime toys on sight, but what I hadn’t anticipated was the length of time he spends playing with them.

They are the perfect size for his little hands, and fit perfectly with the furniture in his Farm house which makes them perfect for creative play.

Because they are made of hard plastic, it means they are easy to clean. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, which means that I don’t have to say no when he insists on taking them with us on the school run.

The chime sound they make every time they are twisted delights the Lion, without annoying the rest of us. Unlike most other cause and effect toys these are subtle enough to take with you even when you’re going somewhere quiet, like out for dinner.

Meanwhile their bright colours and instant appeal make them the perfect toy for teaching your little one their colours…. although in our house admittedly we are still working on the fact that there are more colour than red…

How About From An Autism Point Of View?

The fact that these Teletubbies twist in the middle makes them the perfect fidget toy for young children on the Spectrum.

There are no removable parts, and a simple action to keep little hands active.

Fans of Teletubbies are likely to also enjoy using them to re-enact their favourite episodes.

What Would We Change About Them?

Can I say that I’d love them to come with a tracking device? Unrealistic I know, but because the Lion plays with them so much we are forever running around the house looking for whichever one of them has gone missing, so a tracking device would definitely come in useful!

Who Would We Recommend The Teletubbies Twist And Chime Figures?

Young children who love the show can’t fail to fall in love with these little toys. Perfectly sized for their little hands, and easy to clean when they get messy these have fast become a big favourite in our house.

If you’re looking for a fidget toy for a young child or want to increase creative play, these are well worth your consideration.


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  1. Oh wow – these look great! I’ve been seeing lots about these recently, and I reckon my little Pickle would love them – Teletubbies is his favourite at the moment too! I often sky away from hard plastic toys but hadn’t really thought about the bonus of them being easy to clean.

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