Five Ways To Relax Before Bed

Five Ways To Relax Before Bed

Whilst I’ve always been pretty good at creating a structured approach to bedtime for the children, I’m absolutely hopeless at doing the same for me.

It’s not unusual for me to be sat there flicking through screens on the iPad until the moment I decide to sleep, and it’s rare that I give both my mind and body the time it truly needs to switch off and relax before bed.

It’s therefore not especially surprising that I am decidedly rubbish at falling asleep.

So this week I’m on a mission to try to create a more relaxing bedtime routine. Why not join me by trying some of the following strategies?

All screens (mmmm ok, maybe not the television) turned off at least an hour before bed.

If I manage this one it could actually be a miracle, but I’ll definitely be trying my best. I figure any progress has to be an improvement on what I’m doing now. Ironically it’s a rule I always enforce with the children, but I’m always far too tempted just to have one (or ten) last checks of email and/ or social media.

A hot milky drink to take up to bed.

I love hot chocolate and I know I’m really going to relish relaxing whilst drinking it, rather than drinking it as fast as I can which is what happens when I try to have a cup when the children are around.

Replace using lights in the bedroom by popping a candle on.

I love using candles but because the Lion is a climber extraordinaire it’s something I’m now quite wary of doing. Using them before bed seems to be the perfect solution because I know the wax in them will be hard by the morning.

Read more often.

I love reading, and studied English literature at university. There is nothing that relaxes me quite like sitting and reading a good book. It’s escapism at its best. Since starting blogging I now read far less, and it’s something I definitely need to make more of an effort to do. Not least because I fall asleep much more easily after reading than I do after a night of TV.

Take time to snuggle

The Other Half and I have both been busy recently. We juggle our work schedules and the childcare between us, which can make it feel at times like we are ships that pass in the night. It isn’t unusual for the only quality time we get together to be the last half an hour before bed. Putting away work and our electronic devices a little earlier will definitely improve our quality of life, and I know that spending time relaxing and snuggling will help my brain relax before sleep.

How about you? Do you have a relaxing bedtime routine in place? Or are you like me and more of a work in progress?


2 thoughts on “Five Ways To Relax Before Bed

  1. Unfortunately when myself and other half go to bed he has to have Telly on in bed with which he falls asleep after 10 minutes some nites……. I’m unable to fall asleep n front of telly so bedtime is so disjointed for me and he can’t grasp that I end up tired 😴 for the say which builds up…. I’m winning with my 13 Yr old and his routine but mine is shot……

    1. Bless you, it can be really difficult when you both need different things to help you sleep can’t it? Xx

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