An Easter Gift Guide

This year we’re especially looking forward to Easter in our house. Normally it’s a holiday the Bear spends with her dad, but because of the way the school holidays have fallen this year she’ll be at home.

I can’t wait to organise an Easter egg hunt in the garden for her and the Lion. Next year she’ll be at secondary school, so it many ways it feels a little like the end of an era.

With that in mind I’m determined to make it extra special. After all, we only get so many opportunities to make these memories.

If you like like us are on a mission to create a special Easter, why not take a look at our gift guide to see if something springs out at you:

Snuggly Rascals Headphones

Perfect for little ones, these ultra comfortable headphones are the perfect gift this Easter. Coming in a wide range of designs you can’t fail to find a pair that will be loved by the child in your life. These have proved a huge hit with the Lion so far, even when there is no music playing. Why not opt for an Easter Bunny, that will last way beyond the Easter holidays this year.

Katie Slippers by Chipmunks

Also proving great favourites in our house at the moment are these lovely rabbit slippers. The small velcro strips at either side, make these the perfect choice for encouraging independence. I love the combination of the soft uppers and hard soles, making them the perfect for choice for short outings in the car or cosy nights in front of the fire. These are one pair of shoes that never take persuasion to get on the Lion’s feet.

Teletubbies Busy Book And Giggling Tiddlytubby

It can be really hard to find an  activity book which works for toddlers, most are aimed at older children so I really love the fact that this one is perfectly pitched for little ones. The giggling Toddlytubby is the perfect accompaniment and sure to bring a huge smile to the face of any little one on Easter morning.

Rio Roller Milkshake Quad Skates

Easter always seems like the perfect time to buy outdoor toys for the Bear. Her birthday is right at the end of the summer, so I like to use the opportunity to treat her to those things that just wouldn’t work as well at other times of the year. I know she’s going to love these Rio Roller Milkshake Quad Skates, especially as I’ve treated myself to an identical pair. Now all we need is the sunshine to come out so that we can both have fun together.

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Bunny Shaped Box

It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate of some kind, and Guylian is always our go to choice. I love how this box is Easter themed but still contains individually wrapped chocolates. Both of my children struggle with things that are messy are broken, so for us this is the ideal gift. As an added bonus, Guylian chocolate tastes delicious, so much so in fact that it was top of the Other Half’s wish list.

What Easter treats do you have planned for this year?


26 thoughts on “An Easter Gift Guide

  1. How adorable are the roller skates! I can remember being obsessed with my neighbours skates and always wanting a pair of my own but my mum always thought I was too clumsy to get the hang of it! Ahh my heart is melting!

  2. These gifts are perfect! I have a little tellytubby fan, who would love the book and doll as a gift. My eldest would love the skates, and you had a good idea of getting matching ones.

  3. The roller skates 😱 I love them ! Easter is fast becoming all about the gifts and for us , it’s the least chocolate idea the better ! I’m so glad there are no longer gift baskets full of chocolate that only the adults really eat 😉

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