A Review Of The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack By Skip Hop

A Review Of The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack By Skip Hop

*We were gifted this bag in return for an honest review.

More and more when we go out the Lion is on his own steam. He simply doesn’t want to be in the pram anymore. He wants to walk, to run and to explore.

It’s lovely to see his excitement as he is set free to investigate the world around him.

It is however distinctly less lovely to carry the paraphernalia we carry with us, from treats and snacks, to spare outfits and changing products.

And as much as I love the bag we bought when he was born the reality is it no longer works. I need my hands free to Lion chase, there simply isn’t any room in them to carry a changing bag.

So Why Do I Love The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack?

The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack really is the perfect solution.

It’s spacious enough to fit everything we need even when we’re out of the house for a full day. Yet, even when it’s full it’s easy to carry because of the comfortable padded straps, perfectly placed to allow for an even distribution of weight whilst toddler chasing.

Made from vegan leather it is both luxurious and yet practical.

Perfect for taking out even on special occasions, yet easy to wipe clean when the inevitable happens… which in our house is usually frequent.

The well thought out internal and external pockets mean that it’s easy to be organised.

And when you’re juggling a toddler that matters. I really appreciate the fact that this means that I am far less worried whenever we go out, I can easily keep hold of the Lion whilst finding whatever it is I need.

The fact that there are two large completely separate areas, means that it’s really easy to keep changing things away from snacks.

I love the level of hygiene this affords, and the fact that I’ll no longer by frantically trying to fit snacks into a small external pocket.

Unlike many other bags the bottle space is internal rather than external, and could easily accommodate a cool pack at the same time.

As the Lion drinks Oat milk this will make a huge difference to us, as we often worry about it spoiling when we are out. The fact that an external zip leads straight to it, means despite the pocket being internal, it’s still easily accessible.

The changing mat is a good length and folds easily into its own pocket.

I love that there is no fiddly velcro, meaning that the mat doesn’t have to be folded in a particular way. It makes life so much easier, especially in public changing rooms when I’m always conscious of keeping one hand on the Lion when he’s perched on a changing table.

I’m also impressed that Skip Hop have included stroller straps.

They aren’t an added extra as they are with many other brands. They also mean that on days when we do take the pram I can clip the backpack onto the handles meaning I have no extra weight to carry – perfect for those days when we’re out for a long time.

Above all else though, this is a product that I know will stand the test of time.

It doesn’t scream baby, it says grown up chic. It’s a bag that once nappies are no longer in our life, will make an ideal travel bag – the changing mat pocket will even be the perfect place to carry a laptop.

How About From An Autism Point Of View?

The spacious nature of The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack means it’s ideal for older children as well as babies. Easily large enough to fit several sets of spare adult sized clothes, it’s the ideal choice for families that need a changing bag to last beyond toddlerhood.

The fact that it’s hands free also makes it an ideal choice for autism families, no more worrying about having to juggle bags whilst keeping your little one safe, makes it a practical and stylish option.

What Would I Change About It?

Honestly I love this bag, everything from its design to its many features have been incredibly well thought out.

If I was to change one thing though, it would be to make the changing mat just a little bit wider. The Lion is incredibly wriggle when getting changed and the extra space would give me just a little more room for error.

So Who Would I Recommend A Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack To?

I think the easier question would be who wouldn’t I recommend it to.

This is a fantastic product especially for fashion conscious mums, who need a spacious changing bag that allows them to have their hands free.

It’s a product that won’t disappoint and one I really can’t recommend enough.


33 thoughts on “A Review Of The Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack By Skip Hop

  1. That sounds like a great bag. I resisted a backpack for ages but once I changed over I wondered why I hadn’t done it earlier. They’re so handy and free up your hands to keep hold of little ones.

  2. oooh this is such a cute backpack, it looks really well made and like it would hold lot’s! I’m looking for a new backpack as mine got totally destroyed on a recent trip so I’ll have to check out these! xo

    1. You definitely should, there’s an internal pocket that’s perfect for camera lenses so it would make a fantastic travel bag x

  3. I am in love with this bag. I don’t have toddlers but I do have a son with special needs and this bag would be ideal. I’m tired of seeing only baby bags , I think there is a gap in the ol market for bags like this for families like mine !!!😉

  4. This bag is so practical and I love that it wipes clean. I have a cloth diaper bag and it’s very difficult to clean. This is also attractive enough to continue using even after you transition out of the baby stage.

  5. Oh this is a gorgeous bag! I find backpacks, as opposed to standard changing bags or handbags so much easier! And they look lovely too. I’m a big fan of Skip Hop products, my little ones have their bags for Nursery and they’re such good quality!

  6. It’s such a an important thing to have enough room when you have a young child as they require so much! I’m glad it’s spacious yet quality made and stylish with the leather and detailing.

  7. I love this! I have been carrying around toddler packs for a few years now and really need to start investing in actual bags. This is such a lovely design and it looks so well made.

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