A Review Of Maya – A Girl For All Time Doll

A Review Of Maya - A Girl For All Time Doll

*We were gifted Maya in return for an honest review.

I have always loved dolls. As a child I saved up for one each summer to buy on our holidays and in the winter dolls were always top of my Christmas list.

I always assumed that when I had a daughter, she would follow in my footsteps and that once again I would enjoy playing dolls, only this time with a daughter to share them with.

The Bear was therefore only small when I bought her her first baby dolls. But much to my disappointment she never really took to them. In fact it became a bit of a standing joke, that unlike in every other toddler household our dolls were always dressed.

They were always dressed simply because the Bear never touched them.

Things remained pretty much that way, until she discovered 16-18 inch girl dolls. These were dolls she could relate to, dolls who looked realistic, had more realistic accessories and who came with stories of their own.

They are dolls who quite simply met the Bear’s need to have a back story in her play. Dolls who enabled her to play the way she knew how. Dolls whose accessories meant that her organisational skills could really come into play.

When we were asked if we would like to review Maya – A Girl Of Our Time doll, I jumped at the chance therefore. Not only because I knew the Bear would love her, but because I wanted to introduce her to you, my readers

So Why Do We Love Maya – A Girl For All Time Doll?

She is a perfectly proportioned ten year old girl, who is dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. This means she’s perfect for role play and acting out everyday life.

Her articulated elbows and knees set her apart from similar dolls by other brands, meaning that she is much easier to pose – ideal for girls who get frustrated by things not looking as they should.

May’s size sets her apart from many of her counterparts, at 16 inches she is just that little bit easier to handle and manipulate than most dolls of her ilk.

Her clothes are fun and modern, yet have a distinctive style all of their own. She embodies the fact that difference is good.

Her short hear means it easier to care for than that of most girl dolls, which means it will stay looking nice for longer. Something that will be especially important for those girls that are perfectionists.

The quality of craftsmanship is exceptional, Maya truly is an heirloom quality doll, perfect to hand down the generations from one child to another.

She has her own mini online blog, perfect for those children who love their dolls to have a back story but who would struggle to read a full book.

How About From An Autism Point Of View?

Maya’s blog talks about how it’s good to be different and follow your own interests. I love how she emphasises that she used to find that hard but that she’s realised it’s a positive thing.

In the Girl For All Time range, there are also a series of dolls from different historical time periods – perfect for those girls on the Spectrum who have history as their special interest.

What Would We Change?

We would love to see more detail on Maya’s blog. Some of the A Girl Of All Time Characters, come with books and others with blogs. It seems apt that Maya, being a modern girl, has a blog of her own but it would be great to see more frequent updates. That said, we really love the craft ideas on the site and how they relate directly to the characters….

And in that spirit I am anticipating customised trainers appearing in this house in the very near future.

So Who Would We Recommend Maya – A Girl For All Time Doll – to?

Maya is sure to be enjoyed by any girl who loves dolls. Perfect for older girls who know how to take care of their toys, she is sure to be played with for hours on end.

For girls who struggle to develop an identity behind their toys independently, Maya’s blog provides an excellent background around which play can be structured.

If you are looking for a doll to be treasured, you won’t go far wrong with Mia.


18 thoughts on “A Review Of Maya – A Girl For All Time Doll

  1. This look incredible and I think that when my daughter is a little older one would be great for her as she hasn’t touched the baby dolls we have bought her. She prefers the Lottie type dolls with a story and hobbies etc.

  2. I can’t explain how much I love the fact that she’s in jeans and a t-shirt. As a little girl Barbie was my idol, but only now can I see how problematic it could have actually been. The fact that she has a blog is amazing as well – what a way to encourage writing and self expression!!

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