25 Ways You Can Look After You In Less Than Five Minutes

25 Ways You Can Look After You In Less Than Five Minutes

Last week I challenged you to do something for you. Just for you.

Because not only do you deserve it, but because your children and students deserve the best you too.

Lots of you replied and said you knew you needed to take better care of you but that too often life simply gets in the way. You are so busy running around taking care of everything and everyone else, that there simply is no time to do the things you know you need to do for you.

So today’s post focuses on things that those of you in that situation can do just for you. What’s better, every single one of them takes less than five minutes:

I’m going to make it my mission to give some of them a try. I’d love you to join me:

Text five friends you never have chance to speak to and let them know you love them.

Paint your nails.

Treat yourself to some new stationery – paperwork always feels much more appealing if you do.

Put on a face mask.

Buy a posh cake to eat when the children are in bed or when you’ve finished marking year eleven books.

Phone your mum, she’s the one person who will understand that you really do only have five minutes.

Pop on some perfume; it’s almost as good as a shower.

Read a chapter of a book.

Start using hand cream after you’ve washed your hands.

Step outside your door, and just spend a few moments looking up at the stars.

Put your towel on the radiator before you get in the shower.

Lie on your bed and just relax.

Sit and drink a cup of coffee without doing anything else at the same time.

Put on some lipstick before you go out in the morning.

Make an effort to drink more water.

Light a candle, there’s nothing as lovely than walking into a scented room.

Pop some cream and marshmallows on your hot chocolate, and drink in secret.

Put your favourite song on and have a dance.

Catch up on a post on one of your favourite blogs.

Look back on old photographs.

Treat yourself to a flick through of a magazine.

Put your feet up on the couch and have a quick snuggle under the blanket.

Which ones do you think you can fit into your life this week?


17 thoughts on “25 Ways You Can Look After You In Less Than Five Minutes

  1. Well I definitely couldn’t speak to my mum in just 5 minutes, my mum can talk for England. I love my weekly face mask, it’s nice to make myself feel treated. I could definitely do with purchasing some more candles, my Christmas ones are all gone and I miss burning a candle and relaxing in the light of it.

  2. These are great suggestions, I have recently treated myself to a new hand cream and I love using it. It’s making my hands so soft and each time I put it on it’s a real treat.

  3. This so lovely. Self care is really important and I love all of these ideas. It is amazing how putting some perfume on or eating a good cake in secret feels.

  4. OOOh, I’ve read 2 books this past week. My anxiety levels lower dramatically the more I read. It’s so relaxing for me.
    We’ve also taken to singing every evening while getting the kids dressed for bed. It’s great because we all get involved and have a boogy before settling down.

  5. Oh boy we do need reminders to do things just for ourselves. I’ve just got back to having a good facial routine morning and night rather than using a wet wipe. It makes me feel so much better <3

    1. It really does, and I totally agree so often we forget about ourselves. Please do pop back and let me know how you get on x

  6. Such a lovely post! It’s so important to look after yourself. A nourished and nurtured parent is always so much better at parenting, even a few simple things make such a difference. Xx

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