My Five Top Tips For A Stress Free Weekend: An Autism Post

My Top Tips For A Stress Free Weekend: An Autism Post

I’m a strong believer in only fighting the battles that need to be fought. After all we all have enough battles that we can’t avoid to be adding extra to the load.

And sometimes we all need a stress free weekend. So if you want this weekend to be a little calmer than usual why not try out some of our top tips:

Switch to online shopping

I can’t believe that it took us so long to switch to online shopping on our house. For so long it was the part of our weekend that we all dreaded. The bright lights of the supermarket, combined with busy aisles and unpredictable shoppers meant it was an activity that we knew would be difficult. Yet still we persevered, because somewhere in the back of my head it was a life skill that needed to be practiced.

These days I’ve found a compromise which satisfies both my sanity and my conscience. We do the bulk of our supermarket shopping online, then nip in for the extras and treats. Instead of being an activity that we dread, because we know that we’ll only be in there for a fraction of the time we actually quite look forward to it. And I never thought that that was something I would ever say!

Make a schedule when you go out

I know I talk about schedules all the time. But they really really do make a huge difference, especially if plans change when you are out. Even if you’ve tried using them before and they haven’t worked, I’d love you to give them a try just once more for me – make sure you watch this short video first though. Sometimes tiny tweaks to how you’ve done things before really can make a big difference.

Be flexible with time

Weekends are the only time in the week when we don’t have to follow a set schedule and rush out of the house before nine o’clock – so remember to take time out to relax. You may well like us still be up at the crack of dawn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laze in PJs and pop a favourite film on whilst you eat breakfast. A calm start to the morning will lead to a better weekend for everyone.

Throw out the rule book

And remember that ordinary is overrated. Make weekends into something that work for you and your family, rather than into something that weekends should mythically be. In our house we go for year passes. Both of the children prefer the security of visiting the same places repeatedly, so we pretty much spend time in one of two places. They are happy and relaxed there and so are we…. There are times I’d prefer a little more adventure. But for now that’s what works for us. I’m just glad the Bear is past the stage of writing her News on a Monday morning, or everyone really would think we were extremely predictable.

Remember that you are allowed to be human

If the TV is on more than it should be and the iPad comes with you when you go out for dinner, then that’s ok. You need and deserve a little downtime too. Give yourself the opportunity to recharge so that you have the energy for the days and weeks that follow. Downtime is just as important – for both you and the children – as social more interactive time.

How about you, what are your essential tips for a stress free weekend?

What Next?

If you do want to learn more you might find our autism section a useful place to start. It’s full of different strategies to try out.

Why not join our private Facebook Group, which brings parents and teachers of children on the spectrum together to discuss strategies to help at home and at school.

Or if you’re looking for more personal support, why not check out our Consultancy Services.

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And of course if I can be of any help then please just shout (or drop me an email).


5 thoughts on “My Five Top Tips For A Stress Free Weekend: An Autism Post

  1. Been on many courses and they are so important and really help understand Autism. I have learned amazing strategies with how to approach certain situations, and make them better. Some great tips here, I like to get out the kids out for a run around, fresh air and wear them out before making them have to help with shopping or do something they don’t particularly want to do. It’s all about making everyone happy so we all get a turn each weekend at doing something we all like.

  2. We do a lot of this too, as it’s the only way we can keep our sanity! We tend to do as little as possible on the weekends as my kids need a few days to recover from the stress of school and gather their forces to do it all again on Monday…

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