Have You Ever Felt As Though It’s Only You? – A Post By A Ten Year Old Girl With Autism

Have You Ever Felt As Though It’s Only You? A Post By A Ten Year Old Girl With Autism

After the Bear wrote her Open Letter To Teachers Everywhere, she had lots of lovely messages from teachers, from parents and from other children and young people with autism.

Those messages meant the world to her, especially as it is only in the last couple of years that she has been lucky enough to meet another girl like her. Before then she often felt different and upset that she was the only one of her friends that found things difficult.

This post is for all those other children and young people out there, who feel as though it is only them.

(Though I suspect that as mums and dads you may find it interesting to read about the different stages the Bear talks about and how things have got easier as she has got older).

I asked the Bear if she would like to write another post but she chose the topic and the post below is written exactly as she wrote it:

Hello, it’s me again, the Bear. My mum’s asked me to do another post on her blog so I’ve agreed. (After a while!) This post is about how though you might feel alone in everything that happens, (I certainly have) you’re really not, lots of people feel exactly the same.

Have you felt like someone’s mad at you even if they’re not?

I have.

My parents often just correct me or advise me, but not get angry or tell me off, but I always think that they’re really annoyed at me. Afterwards they always explain why they weren’t cross, they were just talking to me. After this happened several times, I began to develop ways of telling wether or not they were mad. For example, if you’ve done something that isn’t that bad, there’s no reason why someone would get annoyed.

Has anyone ever thought that you don’t know anything because you’re too scared to answer a question?

That’s happened to me.

When I was younger, people used to think I knew nothing at all, because I was too scared to answer any questions.For example, if I’d have just read one of those Biff Chip and Kipper books, and someone had asked me a simple question like: “what was your book about?” Then I would just stand there, petrified, and not answer. At home however, if my mum had asked me that question, then I’d have launched into an explanation of the book. Now I rarely do that. If someone asks me a question that I know the answer to, then there’s no point in not answering.

Have you ever got so stressed that thought you couldn’t do something even if you could?

I have (often)

Though I still do this, I don’t do what I did do when I was younger. When I was 2, I used to be sick the night before I went to nursery, because I didn’t want to go there. When I was 3 and 4 then I used to cling to railings, it run of. When I was 5 and 6, then I would twiddle and fiddle with my hair until it fell out or dig my nails into my hands until they bled. When I was 7 and 8 then I hid under the table all the time. But now at ten, I just give up and do nothing and ignore what ever happens. (most of the time at least)

Bye for now!

The Bear

I know the Bear would love to hear from you (or your children), so if her post has resonated with you please do leave her a message either on the blog itself or on Facebook.

It will mean so much to hear to know that is has been read.

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