An Open Letter To Every Autism Mum

Dear Mum,

I wanted to step by to remind you of something very important: You are amazing!

I know it often doesn’t always feel that way, but let me tell you now, it’s true.

You are a supreme multitasker.

Every day you juggle so many things, not only as they happen but before they happen. Your mind is always at least three steps ahead, pre-empting, preparing, doing all you can to ensure that today is a good day.

You are an expert negotiator.

Not only have you learnt to negotiate like an expert with your child. But over the years you’ve become a pro at battling with the multitude of professionals you come into contact with. You’ve learnt to navigate school systems, the NHS, speech therapists and psychologists. You’re operating in a system not designed to meet the needs of your child.

You make time stretch a thousand different ways.

Some weeks it feels like you spend every waking minute begging on a phone or driving to appointments. You organise play dates with military precision, a thousand fallback plans in your mind ready for when disaster strikes. You cook dinners, often multiple dinners each night, with foods that can’t touch or must be certain colours. You disguise vegetable and packaging. And all of that on top of the million and one tasks all Mums do every day.

You are a teacher.

You know there are so many things your child needs to learn to survive in this world, teaching them becomes your passion. Your days and nights are filled with reading blogs like this one, searching for ways to make a difference. You pick your moments and teach the skills you can, whenever you can.

You always care.

No matter how tough life gets, and believe me, I know it does. No matter the words that are thrown around, the damage that is caused or pain you receive, you continue to love. In fact you do more than that, each day your love continues to grow. You exemplify it, time and time again.

Did I tell you, that you are incredible?

More than that you are the best mum your child could ever have. You are a champion of their achievements, a defender of their rights. You achieve so much each day. Those achievements are your badge of honour.

So next time you’re feeling down, or wondering whether you can indeed face what the next day will bring, I want you to stop and read this post. I want you to remember all you do and all you are. And most of all I want you to remember to be kind to yourself.

You deserve it.

Lots of love

Another Mum x

What Next?

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