A Valentine’s Day Package

A Valentine’s Day Package

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Having family that live in Spain, we’re always keen to explore inventive ways of keeping in touch with each other. We love to Skype and FaceTime them, and emails and WhatsApp messages filled with photos and short clips of the children fly back and forth continually.

I love that technology makes it so much easier for us to stay connected than it did in years gone by.

This week though, with Valentine’s Day upon us we’ve decided to surprise them with a box filled with love. We’ve packaged together things they love from over here – Chocolate Orange is always a huge hit – as well as small Valentine’s treats like jelly hearts.

After all, as wonderful as virtual contact is, there’s nothing quite like receiving a gift from people you love. Especially one that arrives in the post.

Although I love receiving and sending post, the post office isn’t my favourite place. With a wriggly toddler who doesn’t like to stand still and a daughter who doesn’t do crowds, it’s a recipe for disaster. Or at the very least a recipe for two very miserable children.

It’s why I’m so glad we’ve found My Parcel Delivery, a courier comparison site which makes sure I always know the best deals around.

After all the better the deal I get the more I can spend on the gifts inside, and the more often I can afford to do it. And as they have a range of courier services that deliver both in Europe and Internationally, I’m always spoilt for choice when it comes to options.

For me though the fact that they work with UPS, which means I can drop my parcels off at a designated drop off point, and Parcelforce who come right to the door and collect it from home is the icing on the cake. It means whatever sort of day we’re having I know we can manage to get our parcel off on its journey.

The Bear loves to wrap everything beautifully, there will be handwritten notes and no doubt heart shaped confetti.

She loves to imagine their faces when they open it at the other side. In her head they are delighted about the sprinkling of small pieces of paper…. Somehow I imagine Grandad (or Tati as the children call him) feels slightly differently when he has to get the vacuum out to clean up the mess. Though he’s kind enough to sound delighted on the phone.

We all love popping the final items in the box, safe in the knowledge that we’ve wrapped them beautifully yet packaged them correctly. After all we want them to get safely to their destination. And we know that when the box is next opened it will be in the hands of those we love.

Now all I need to do is to make sure no-one raids the chocolate within before the Parcelforce man comes to collect it….

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your house?


50 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Package

  1. Sending parcels can be really expensive so the comparison site sounds great I’ll have to check that one out for when we send to relatives in New York and Hong Kong.

  2. Oh, sending parcels can be so expensive. It’s great to find a comparison site. I will definitely keep them in mind for the next time I need to send a parcel. I hope your relatives loved their parcel, you put so much love into it. 😀

  3. I love receiving gifts in the post and having relatives in Australia and Texas it can be tricky to find the best deal sending gifts back. Thanks for the tip

  4. Aah thats so lovely, especially as they probably can’t get some of the good old English treats we love over here in Spain like chocolate oranges etc! My parents live in Spain too so we are always Whatsapping – I can’t send them treats though as they move around in a motor caravan too often! haha!

  5. awww how cute. I hope they love their Valentines package. My daughter is the same. She loves filling things with sparkly things that fall out on you. That delivery sounds so much more convenient than the post office. I always have giveaway items to post off so I’m definitely going to keep that in mind. x

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