Signing With Children: Week Five Eating And Drinking

This week we’re focusing on some signs that you might be ready to start using.

Once your little one realises that you understand them when they sign, they often quickly move on to wanting to learn new ones.

And nothing is more useful as a parent than to know when your little one is hungry and thirsty. These signs are easy to incorporate in your every day life, just add the eat or drink sign whenever you say the word or whenever you give your child something to eat or drink.

Remember to still use signing to have fun with your little one though. Our animal, travel, pet and transport signs are perfect for doing so. And our songs are great for ensuring familiarity with them.

If you haven’t signed with your little one before please do take a look at our introduction to signing with children video to get you off to a flying start.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you haven’t already why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications when new signing videos are released.


4 thoughts on “Signing With Children: Week Five Eating And Drinking

  1. This video is really helpful! I taught my son baby signing and it was so useful in understanding his needs and even decreasing tantrums through frustration because he could communicate with me from a young age.

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