Things To Do In Belize With Children

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Shhhh don’t tell the Other Half I told you this, but this year he will turn 40. He’s three years older than me, which means I can officially tease him about being the older man.

And he’s long since had a plan that this will be the year, to coincide with his big birthday, we take a big trip to somewhere exotic. With that in mind we’re on a mission to research potential destinations for our big trip, and right now Belize is looking high on the list.

With incredible scenery and a whole host of stunning luxury Belize beach rentals to choose from, it’s easy to see why both the Other Half and I would love it. As always however, our decision will be primarily decided by what is right for the children.

After all, if the children are happy, relaxed and have things to do we know we will be happy too.

So What Is There In Belize For The Children?

The answer is pretty much everything we are looking for in a location…

An Opportunity To Get Up Close To Animals

Both of the children love animals. In fact if I want to bribe the Lion to get into his pram, the promise of seeing birds or dogs on route is about the only way to do it. I know he would adore seeing the many beautifully coloured birds that inhabit the zoo in Belize.

But I also know that the Other Half and I would both love seeing a Zoo that has truly been created with animals at its heart. After all this is a Zoo with a difference. Created in 1983 by a film crew desperate to find a home for animals that had become so used to them that returning them to the wild would have been dangerous, the Zoo has since become home to other animals that have been orphaned or rescued.

In fact it’s said to be such a lovely place that wild animals regularly pop by to visit its inhabitants.

Beautiful Beaches To Play On Until The Sun Goes Down

With a stunning 281 kilometre coastline, set right alongside the Caribbean Sea it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for a holiday. I know the children would love to play on the sand, from building sandcastles to chasing the waves. With a bit of time they might even both be coaxed into playing in the crystal clear waters.

A Chance To Step Back In Time And Visit Mayan Ruins

When the Bear and I went to Peru I was fascinated to look at the Incan ruins, it’s always incredible to think about how different cultures have evolved. At the time the Bear was too young to properly appreciate the enormity of what we were seeing. I know now though that exploring the history of Belize and really seeing how ancient civilisations lived would both excite and interest her. And with secondary school on the horizon, what better way that to truly ignite a love of history.

Opportunities To Take Photographs Galore

Right now the Bear is all about taking photographs. And to be honest the Bear and I spend so much time snapping away that even the Lion is fascinated by cameras. Belize has a whole host of things she would love to both see and photograph, from exotic flowers and creatures, to mountains, jungles and beaches. Her camera (and mine for that matter) would certainly get a daily workout whilst we

The Freedon To Embrace Exploration

In our house we love adventures, and Belize looks like like the perfect place to have lots of them. With bikes readily available to hire, it means we’ll be able to travel further without being cooped up in a car. But their network of rivers also offers the opportunity to see a different side of life, and I already know that the Bear will be doing her best to persuade the Other Half to take her in a Kayak too explore them.

Accommodation With Plenty Of Space

We’ve learnt the hard way this year that four of us in one room doesn’t result in any of us getting a lot of sleep. And as it took the Bear until she was four to finally sleep through the night, I’m not holding my breath that the Lion will get there anytime soon. So for this holiday we decided that wherever we end up a villa or an apartment will be a better option than a hotel. It will give us all our own space, allow us all to sleep a little more and hopefully ensure that we all have a wonderful holiday. The Bear would love it if we manage to find somewhere with our own pool, and Belize seems to have an incredible amount of choice of places which fit the bill.

So Now We Just Have To Make Our Decision…

We have a few more places to research and the budget to crunch. But hey planning a trip and thinking about it is almost as exciting as taking it, right?

And to be honest wherever we end up, I know we’ll have a wonderful time. After all, we’ll be together as a family. Spending time with each other is the best gift a holiday can give us.

I’d love your advice though..

Where would you recommend for the family holiday of a lifetime?


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  1. This sounds like the most incredible place for a holiday – the trip of a lifetime! My parents are off later this year on a huge trip around South America, but I have to admit it’s not a place that had occurred to me for a family holiday. But it sounds like there’s lots to appeal to children – I know my son would love the wildlife and the beaches too, I can barely get him off the beach these days!

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