A Review Of The Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set

A Review Of Brio's Classic Figure 8 Train Set

*We were sent this product in return for an honest review.

Having fond memories of Brio trains from childhood, I was more than a little delighted when they asked us if we would like to review their classic figure 8 train set. Vehicles are the order of the day in our house. And I knew that the Lion would be excited to have a train to add to his collection.

So What Do We Love About It?

Brio products really are synonymous with quality. From their wooden tracks to the well crafted trains that ride upon them, I really can’t fault the level of workmanship.

The accessories really are lovely from a beautifully made station with its bright green roof to the trees to dot along the side of the track. They are perfect for encouraging imaginative play.

The trains themselves really are delightful. The Lion loves the wheels and if I’m honest so do I. The fact that this set is aimed at children from two years of age, gives me the confidence that they are durable enough to withstand toddler behaviour. What’s more I know I’m not going to walk in the room to find he has swallowed a part that has become dislodged.

It truly is developmentally appropriate. The track is easy to fit together which means that the Lion can help in its construction, whilst the trains and accessories are the perfect size for holding by little hands.

I am really impressed by the connecting track in the middle which allows a figure eight system without the track over lapping in a bridge type setup. This means that it’s much easier for younger children to use without tippling the track, but also that it doesn’t lose any playability.

I love that it can connect to any of the other Brio tracks. Because as the Lion grows we will be able to build his collection. Ensuring that unlike many toddler toys, this is one that truly does stand the test of time and will be played with for years to come.

The Lion’s favourite part is definitely the train itself, in fact so much so that I’m pretty sure that if we let him, he’d carry it with him wherever we went.

My favourite part is the fact that it packs away quickly and takes up very little space, yet when it’s set up gives him hours of fun and me a little time to do those jobs that need to be done.

What Would We Change?

Honestly nothing at all about the set we have. Though I know that as the Lion gets bigger we’ll want to expand it, for now it’s the perfect size to capture his imagination.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

This set is perfect for young children, who love trains.

But it’s also ideal for older children with learning or co-ordination difficulties because of the ease with which it can be put together.

It’s toy that promotes both independence and creative play. And that has to be a very good thing.

It’s a toy that I would happily buy as a gift for the child of a friend, and also one I would be happy to have in my classroom. It’s robust, it’s high quality and it will definitely stand the test of time.


32 thoughts on “A Review Of The Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set

  1. You can have all the technology and electronics in a toy, however I don’t think you will ever beat Brio. The feel of the wood, the movement of the wheels, the chunky design. It is just perfect and I genuinely thing children really love playing with it. It is just perfect all round

  2. I’ve loved Brio for years now, and cannot fault them at all. My older son is now 22, and he used to play with them. We first discovered them at his nursery, and since then Brio train sets have been a regular feature in our house, for boys and girls alike.

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