Things To Do In Whitby With Children

Things To Do In Whitby With Children

Having not visited Whitby before moving to Yorkshire, I am most definitely a convert. I love its quaint winding streets and gorgeous bay. What’s more there’s lots to do with the children without spending the earth. This post aims to give a list of ideas of things to do in Whitby with children for those of you who haven’t visited before:

Play on The Beach

Come rain or shine a trip to Whitby just wouldn’t feel right without a stroll along the beach. We usually play Tig, have a splash in the sea anode course come home with a pocket full of stones.

Explore The Cobbled Streets

There is nowhere quite like Whitby. We love its quirky little shops and the treats just waiting to be found, many at pocket money prices. Perfect for those who get tired of seeing the same chain stores over and over again, Whitby truly does offer a different kind of experience. Children will love it’s fantastic toy and book shop, but don’t forget to take a look at the market too, lots of lovely things can be found.

Head To The Arcades

We love the arcades in Whitby, because they are small enough to not feel overwhelming. The Bear loves to chance her luck on the two pence machines, whilst I always convince myself I can manage to win us all a teddy to bring home.

Take A Walk Up To The Famous Whitby Abbey

We love to explore in the Abbey and as members of English Heritage it’s free for us to get in. Even better there are often exhibitions to take a look at too, making it different each time we visit.

Spot Some Seagulls

Because if you heading to Whitby with a toddler then the Seagulls are likely to be the highlight of their day. They really are everywhere, and as they are tame enough to be fed little ones really will be delighted by them. In fact if you want to eat your lunch in peace be sure to grab a window seat so your toddler can be entertained whilst they fly past.

Try some of Whitby’s Famous Scampi

Whitby has an incredible selection of Fish and Chip shops and restaurants. In fact it has so many you really will be spoilt for choice. whether you want to eat indoors or walk along the seafront as you eat, you’ll find somewhere that will suit every taste and budget.

Climb The 199 Steps To St Mary’s Church

I love to visit St Mary’s Church, it always feels like stepping back in time and reminds me of somewhere out of a Victorian novel. Even if looking round old churches is not your thing though, it’s well worth the climb. The views over Whitby Bay really are truly stunning.

Have A Donkey Ride

…. Or at least walk alongside the children whilst they do. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve riding donkeys along the beach and it’s one British tradition I’m really glad has survived. After all, there are some things we should all have a chance to do whilst we’re still small enough to be allowed.

Take A Wander Round The Whitby Jet Museum

Tiny yet perfectly formed, this little museum is tucked away at the back of a shop. Free to visit, if you can avoid the temptation to treat yourself that is. The Bear is always fascinated to look at the tools and see how the jet was worked in years gone by. Of course if you fancy it you can also head out into the bay to see if you can find your very own piece of jet. Perfect for budding explorers.

Have An Ice Cream (Or Two)


Because of course no trip to the seaside is truly complete without it, and Whitby has an abundance of it to choose from. In fact, why stop at ice cream? With cakes, rock, candy floss and a whole host of other delicious goodies to choose from you really will be spoilt for choice.

Have you visited Whitby before? If so I’d love to know what you most enjoy whilst you’re there.


39 thoughts on “Things To Do In Whitby With Children

  1. I haven’t been to Whitby since I was a child. I must take my kids there one day. I always remember eating fish and chips on a beach, in the windy rain, with my Dad and Mum. It’s a lovely spot, with some fun things to do for families, though!

  2. Fab idea’s, Whitby sounds like such a fun place. My only no go would be the seagulls! We have loads down here and twice they have stolen food from me, I now have a slight complex so I’d leave the kids to go do that haha!

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