Which Planner Is Right For You?

Every year I spend literally hours trying to find the perfect planner for me. Because the reality is with so many fantastic ones out there we really are spoilt for choice.

This post aims to discuss the highlights of three of my favourites to help you decide which planner is right for you.

Perfect For Those Building A Business

The My ProPlanner exudes professionalism. Perfect for those who are serious about making a success out of their business in 2018, this fantastic product is both sleek and well thought out.

It’s hardbound durable cover, beautiful colour scheme and hourly planning section means you’ll want to use it to help you stay on track. A particular strength of this fantastic product is its goal setting pages: ensuring you stay driven throughout the year.

For lots more photographs and information about this fantastic planner why not check out our full review.

Perfect For Bloggers And Teachers

Plum Paper Planners are perfect for those who need the ability to personalise their planning experience for their profession. If you are looking for a dedicated blogging section or a mark book to keep track of student progress, this is the planner for you.

With the ability to personalise the many cover options available with your own text and images it’s a planner that truly can reflect your personality. Whilst having eight different choices to pick from for daily planning pages ensures you truly can plan in the way that works for you.

For lots more photographs and information about this beautiful planner why not check out our full review.

Perfect For Busy Mums

Personal Planner comes in the widest range of sizes of any of the planners we reviewed, making them ideal for popping in just about any size of bag. Their durable plastic covers, and included accessories mean that your planning needs really are covered.

What’s more the ability to personalise pages to meet your family’s needs, and the choice of a fantastic range of extra pages that will be sure to help with those homework questions and Personal Planner really does have you covered.

For lots more photographs and information about this flexible planner why not check out our full review.

Still struggling to decide which planner is right for you?

Why not take a look at the individual planner review posts and videos to see them in much more detail.

And of course enter our competition below to win your very own planner. This lovely product is sure to help anyone stay on track in 2018.


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87 thoughts on “Which Planner Is Right For You?

  1. These are beautiful! I quite like the Plum Paper Planners, but I would be hard pushed to really choose between these. I never knew there were such choices and amazing layouts until discovering your blog. I now want one of each! 🙂

  2. Trying to find the right planner yearly is not an easy task. Usually, modifications are required. The ‘Starlight and Stories’ seems to get closer. Happy new year guys:))

  3. Do you know I don’t have a planner for this year yet, normally by January I have a whole collection but none at all – I would love something that could keep me organised and on track for this year.

  4. To keep myself organised with my blog posts, any appointments and hopefully, to keep everything running smoothly.

  5. There are so many different planners out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose. My husband got me a great one for Christmas and I can’t wait to get more organised.

  6. I have never had a planner but with so many changes, perhaps one would give me a little direction for the year. I’m loving the aesthetics of the pro-planner so perhaps that would be best for me!

    C x

  7. My New Years resolution is to be more organised so I should really look into getting myself a planner. This is a great overview of some of the options x

  8. I can’t believe I haven’t got a 2018 planner yet! I’m so bad at being organized! It looks like there is so much choice out there this year, too. How will I ever choose the right one?! Eek

    Louise x

  9. Id love to win a planner to help me organise myself and family. Its going to be a busy year with a new baby dur this year too

  10. I am a busy mom with two sick children and the planner helps me with being organized with doctors appointments and other activities my children are involved in outside of school.

  11. I really like the professional, sleek look of the MyProPlanner. I just have a small diary from Paperchase because it’s the only one I’ve ever kept on top of and it fits in all my bags. There such a beautiful array of planners available these days though

    1. A lovely choice, the plum paper one is similar but with more choices because of the additional add on sections x

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