A Review Of The My Pro Planner: Planner Addict Bundle

*This Product Was Gifted To Us For An Honest Review.

Being a lover of planning, planners and stationery in general I was thrilled when the team behind My Pro Planner asked if I would like to review their fantastic Planner Addict Bundle.

Especially because it’s a bundle which really does have everything you need to dream, plan and succeed in 2018. All which, with the My Pro Planner by my side, I fully intend to do.

So What Do I Love About The My Pro Planner?

It’s cover is hardback and built to last. Something that’s really important to me. As I knows I’ll be carrying it between classrooms at school, so it has to stand up to lots of wear.

The colours are lovely, navy and pink. Professional, yet feminine. And let’s face it, when it comes to a planner looks are important. I’m much more likely to carry on using it if the aesthetics have been thought about. And this one definitely ticks the boxes.

Inspirational quotes to start each month with make me feel happy. The writer and English teacher in me loves new quotes. They make me excited about the possibilities and challenge me to be the best self I can be.

The page per week double page planning layout means that I can see events coming up and plan for them accordingly. And as the time slots are segmented into hours from 6.00 a.m. right up to 10.00 p.m. it’s ideal for those of us who don’t always do regular hours. It’s perfect for putting my teaching commitments in, but it’s equally ideal for documenting the times of blogger events and Twitter parties, and that can be a hard combination to find.

The goal setting pages are at the end of each month rather than at the beginning. And the fact that the emphasis is on reviewing and celebrating what has been achieved will really work for me. I love to set goals but all too often forget about them mid month, I know having to reflect on them will help me keep on track if I start to stray.

The social media tracker is a feature that as a blogger I definitely appreciate, especially as it doesn’t just focus on monthly followers. Instead the emphasis is on how much traffic these followers have generated. That will really help me know where I need to improve the following month.

The notes pages at the back will be perfect for staff meetings at school. I love to keep them in my main planner, so that I always have them with me in case I need to refer to them. Because the My ProPlanner is generous in terms of its notes space, this is something I will be able to do.

Lastly, but not least I’m looking forward to using the finance tracker. It will be great to have somewhere to keep track of the blog’s expenses, and make sure that I’m not going over budget.

What Is Special About The Planner Addict Bundle?

In addition to the My ProPlanner the bundle contains lots of lovely accessories, making it excellent value at £48.

It contains not just one but three lovely notebooks, each colour coded. The ‘Journal’, makes sure you take time to reflect and remember the things important to you. The ‘Gratitude’ notebook, ensures you take time to appreciate what you have today. And the ‘Notes’ book ensures you take time to plan and achieve in the future. Each book contains beautifully lined, high quality paper, perfect for those who like me love to use a fountain pen.

The four different dust jackets it contains, not only means I can personalise my planner but that I can change how it looks depending on how feel that day. I love the fact that I can give it a quick update. And also the fact that if whichever cover I choose gets dirty, I have three whole new fresh ones just waiting to be used.


A large desk pad containing three separate ‘To Do’ lists. Today, Tomorrow and Personal. I love that the team behind My ProPlanner have divided the lists in that way. I’m great at keeping work deadlines in my head, but often forget something simple like putting the washing machine on. I know that this will really help me to ensure I keep all the balls going at once.

What Would I Change?

This is an excellent planner,so if I’m honest then very little. From a purely personal point of view, I’d love a little  more space dedicated to Saturday and Sunday as I tend to do a lot of my work at the weekends. I realise that I’m very much in the minority though, so totally understand the decision made by the company?

Who Would I Recommend The My ProPlanner To?

I think this is a Planner, than anyone wanting to set goals and achieve them in 2018 would love.

It’s a Planner geared to success. Ideal for those who have online presence. Whether that be business owners or bloggers because of its social media and finance trackers. And perfect for those who like to schedule their day to make the most out of the time they have.

I defy anyone who orders it to be disappointed, by its exceptional quality and well thought out design.


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  1. That is a beautiful planner, I love the mix of colours and the fact it’s hard back. I really the fact they have fianace and social media trackers as well x

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