The Perfect Food And Drink For A Christmas Spent Away From Home

*Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post have been gifted to us for inclusion.

It’s hard to believe that in less than a week we’ll be sitting in our Scottish Lodges enjoying incredible views and fantastic company.

It’s a long time since so many of us have spent the festive period together, so I’m determined to make it extra special. With that in mind, I’ve started shopping for extra treats to put the icing on the cake.

Although we’ll do our main food shop once we arrive, these are some things I’m going to be taking with us to make sure Christmas is just the way I want it to be.

Cocoa Loco Organic Chocolate

Regular reader’s of the blog will know only too well, that chocolate is something I adore. In fact if there was no chocolate, my diets would be a whole lot easier! Cocoa Locos’s range is one I love, because not only is it packaged securely meaning that I know it will travel well, but it tastes divine. What’s more they really do have a product that will suit everyone in the family, from Santa lollies for the little ones to hot chocolate spoons for the bigger ones. Not to mention dark chocolate covered mango, which is definitely the Bear’s favourite and the Christmas pudding truffles that I’m fully expecting Grandma to lay claim to.

Shaken Udder Milkshakes and Yogurts

These Shaken Udder products have fast become a firm family favourite in our house with grown ups and children alike. The Lion adores both the yogurts and children’s milkshakes alike, whilst the Other Half and I can’t get enough of the delicious grown up shakes. We already know that this is one company we’ll be placing regular orders with in the New Year. And we’re looking forward to introducing the extended family to them when we arrive. I know my brother for one will be a huge fan. Why not enter the competition at the bottom of the page for a chance to win £30 of their goodies for you to enjoy.

Flamigni Chocolate And Fig Panettone

This is one product I truly couldn’t resist. I have very fond memories of spending Christmas in Peru several years ago, where we tried a whole range of different Panettones. Until this year I’d struggled to find one which compared, but this delicious and decadent chocolate and fig version is definitely up to the challenge.

Crafted Juices, By The Cracker Drinks Co.

These delicious juices form part of my Christmas Day morning plan. Combined with sugar, lemonade, fresh fruit and candy canes, I’m determined to surprise the whole family with some very special Mocktails. I promise to share the recipe with you and of course photographs after the big day. But for now it’s top secret just in case any of my family happen to be snooping. I can’t wait to see the Bear’s face when she sees them.

Abel & Cole Mini Mince Pies And Organic Luxury Christmas Pudding

No Christmas is complete without these two old favourites. And I love everything about them both, from the beautiful traditional packaging to how delicious they taste. The small Christmas pudding serves two or three people and is the perfect size for those travelling over the festive period. Whilst these mini mince pies are the ideal indulgence for sharing with friends and family.

Booja-Booja Dairy Free Hazlenut Crunch Organic Chocolate Truffles

Last Christmas taught me how hard it was to be dairy free. Whilst everyone else was enjoying treats, there was so much I couldn’t have. This year I’ve got a small box of dairy free chocolates to pop in the cupboard, just in case visitors with allergies drop by. Booja-Booja were amongst my favourites during the year that dairy and soya were out of our diet. Their luxury, rich taste meant I never felt as though I was missing out.

McVitie’s Christmas Specialities

There is nothing that reminds me of childhood Christmases more than the tub of McVitie’s biscuits that my mum used to buy each year. I love their new Christmas range, from the bright red post box to the limited edition white chocolate nibbles. Both of which not only make ideal stocking fillers, but are perfect for passing around to unexpected visitors. That’s if of course they make it as far as Christmas Day…

Indie Bay Pretzel Bites

I love the small size of these packets and the fact that the Indie Bay snacks inside them are just a little grown up. Such a lot of our focus over the last year has gone on finding snacks for the Lion, I know the Bear is going to love that we’ve found some new more adult snacks. Well that is if she can wrestle them off the Other Half who has already decided that they are delicious, and loves that they are both low in fat and a great source of protein.

An Individual Chocolate Panettone

The Other Half doesn’t like Christmas Cake, or Christmas Pudding or Mince Pies. So I always like to treat him to something special, just for him. It means that whilst we are indulging on other Christmas treats he has something to nibble on too. This year this Chocolate Panettone is for him and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe


Although I rarely drink, if I do I like a glass of Baileys. I haven’t yet tried their Chocolat Luxe version though, and I am more than a little excited to do so. Last Christmas I was dairy free, and the year before I was pregnant, so it’s been quite a while since I could indulge. The Other Half assures me it’s delicious and that I will love it. So it was a definite addition to our list of things to take on our Christmas away from home. Even better because we’re all staying away no-one will have to drive home.

Iced Organic Christmas Cake By The Authentic Bread Company

Each year I like to try a different Christmas cake. It’s become somewhat of a family tradition as each year I try to find one more delicious than the last. This year I know that that is a mission I’ve accomplished. But what I love even more about this cake is the fact that the decoration has been left plain, meaning I can personalise it. The Bear is going to be delighted when I let her loose with coloured icing on Christmas Eve and tell her she can create the cake of her dreams.

Godiva Chocolate

One of my overriding memories of this year is sitting in Godiva in the middle of New York sampling their delicious chocolates. We all thought we had gone to heaven, but living in a tiny village in the middle of North Yorkshire I didn’t expect to be having any more in the near future. Imagine my delight therefore when I found out that they now sell a range of their products in Sainsbury’s no less. Needless to say we have already consumed some, and will certainly be enjoying more over the festive period.

What exciting snacks and treats have you bought to celebrate with over the festive period?

Sprouts?!?! Yes Really!

If there is one Christmas food sure to cause controversy in any family it’s the infamous Sprouts! Worry not though, these non-edible luxury brussels sprouts crackers are not filled with them, instead they are filled with delightful cookery related gifts, sure to delight even the most discerning of guests. The high quality paper and stylish black ribbon hints towards their quality. These are a product which wil. Not disappoint.

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450 thoughts on “The Perfect Food And Drink For A Christmas Spent Away From Home

      1. I can’t seem to find the individual reply section? Sorry for replying to a comment instead.
        AN INDIVIDUAL CHOCOLATE PANETTONE sounds lovely I love Panettone the normal one anyway so this must be delightful!

  1. We NEVER spend Christmas at home (at least for the last 10+ years!) and a bottle of Baileys is a must for no matter where we are during the festive season!

  2. Ah yay I entered the giveaway, I am such a foodie so your list of what would make the perfect Christmas drew me in. I really love the sound of the milkshakes especially the strawberry and clotted cream! Yum x

  3. We love the shaken udder products too but I have been struggling to get them just lately! organic chocolate is also a firm fave in our house. Fab ideas thanks for sharing

  4. Anything rich and unhealthy, it’s the only time i can indulge my gluttony without feeling guilty about it. I have my eye on those milkshakes though, only had Shaken Udder once and it was delicious.

  5. Oh this all looks very delicious I would just love to try the mini mince pies, I do enjoy a mince pie during the festive season, mini ones would be perfect

  6. Im a massive foodie so would give it all a go, however I do love my chocolate so the Godiva choccy is taking my fancy 😍

  7. I love the Godiva chocolate, a real treat! Yet to try the Shaken Udder milkshake but have heard lots of positive feedback so must try soon. Many thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  8. My favourite snack at Christmas time has to be panettone – love all variations especially those made with chocolate

  9. all the products look amazing! my children loved chocoloate milkshake over xmas and i rather liked the baileys 🙂

  10. I’d love to try the Shaken Udder products – I’m a huge salted caramel fan! All the Christmas food looks so good though!

  11. The shaken udder products seem delicious and I’d love to try them out but I also loved all of the chocolate as they looked fancy and I have a big sweet tooth! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  12. an utterly divine selection of goodies would love to try all but the godiva caramel chocolate looks scrumptious oh and of course cant miss out the baileys fantastic giveaway

  13. Love a good milkshake. However soooo need to try that Bailey’s!! Love love love Bailey’s. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner.

  14. i like a wee baileys 🙂 the luxury brussels sprouts crackers sound great will need to keep them in mind for next year

  15. The Abel & Cole Mince pies – could squeeze a few more of those delicious treats in – might go out of date soon, be rude not too!!

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