Signing With Children: Week Three Pets

I hope you’re enjoying signing with your little ones at home. Please don’t worry if they haven’t started to pick up the signs just yet. It’s still very early days.

The key is to keep using the signs consistently in your everyday life as often as possible. And of course to keep your signing sessions as full as possible.

Signing and singing can both be great ways of entertaining children. This week’s song is possibly one of the most entertaining of all.

Although this week is called Pets, with Christmas in mind I’ve added a couple of extra signs in, including Grandma, aware that you may well be spending more time with relatives over the festive period it’s a great chance for repetition.

If you haven’t yet checked out week one and two of our signing course and your little one likes animals or transport why not take a look. Each video contains a bespoke song and is under three minutes long.

If you are new to Signing why not also watch our Introduction to Signing With Children. This will really help to kickstart your sign language journey.

We’d love to make sure you don’t miss any new signs so if you’d like to keep up to date with new posts, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel or join our tribe and we’ll email you when new signs are released.


8 thoughts on “Signing With Children: Week Three Pets

    1. Hi Hannah, the Introduction To Signing Video on our YouTube channel should give you lots of tips to get started, but please do shout at any point if I can be of any help x

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