A Review Of The Luxury 100% Pure Wool Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo By Dobell

*This product was gifted to us for an honest review.

With Christmas coming fast around the corner, and the whole family spending Christmas together for the first time since we were the Children, this year is going to be a special one.

I’m determined to make sure it’s filled with memories that will last a lifetime. And also to ensure everyone’s traditions are included. After all, with my sister-in-law, the Other Half and the Other Half’s dad joining our tribe, I want to make sure that they enjoy the day as much as we do.

The Other Half as regular readers already know is Spanish. And my sister-in-law’s family are originally from Poland. In both their cultures Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day itself, so as a nod to that once the children are in bed I’m planning to cook a special grown up meal.

We can dress up, feel like adults (which as parents if toddlers is a rare occurrence) and enjoy each other’s company without our sentences being interrupted by nappy changes or flying peas.

With this in mind, when Dobell, very kindly said the Other Half could choose a Tuxedo for our trip from their site, he was more than a little delighted.

Unlike me, the Other Half is more than a little bit particular about his clothing. But he was really impressed by the range they had available.

In the end (after much deliberation) he chose the Luxury 100% Pure Wool Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo. And we sat back to eagerly await its arrival.

So What Does He Love About It?

Delivery was quick and the suit was packaged well, in a large oblong box. Dobell have clearly given a lot of thought to ensuring their clothing arrives at its destination in the best possible condition, as there wasn’t a crease in sight.

The high quality fabric hangs well, and travels brilliantly. Even when packed amidst other clothes, it doesn’t crumple. Something that I’m grateful that Dobell have given thought too, after all whether you are off to a wedding, a dinner dance or like us a Christmas adventure you want to arrive looking your best.

The jacket’s internal pockets are a particular favourite feature of mine.

I hate wearing a handbag when I’m out (I much prefer to carry my camera), so the Other Half often becomes my substitute handbag. I will definitely be continuing to make good use of his pockets for all my essentials in the future I’m thrilled that we’ll have a good selection to share.

The jacket buttons are covered in fabric for an extra touch of luxury, and really do add elegance to the suit.

Featured in a row of four on each sleeve they exemplify the level of care and detail the company have put into its design.

Meanwhile the trousers are equally well, thought out, with button detailing on both back pockets and on the side of the waistband. The fly is fastened with a zip and secured with a button at the top.

Who Would We Recommend Dobell To?

In summary if you’re looking for a high quality suit for the man in your life you won’t go far wrong by taking a look at Dobell’s excellent selection.

And it’s not just the man in your life they cater for either. With suits for children from three years of age you really can outfit the whole family together. Perfect for achieving a co-ordinated look for those special events. Why not take a look at their site to see everything they have on offer.


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  1. Who doesn’t love a man in a suit ;). This looks very stylish. It’s a shame I can’t convince my husband to wear a a suit to work everyday hahaha

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