So Why Do We Love The Country Living Christmas Fair?

A trip to the Country Living Christmas Fair, has become somewhat of a mother daughter tradition in our house.

My Mum and I both love Christmas, and as the fair arrives in Harrogate at the start of December each year, it’s the perfect start to the festive period. It gives us a chance to discover special pieces that we may otherwise miss out on, and is perfect for finding gifts for those family members who really do already have everything.

So What Did We Find And Love This Year?

Tarte & Berry

In first place has to be the incredible Tarte & Berry. How I have missed discoving their delicious brownies before I will never know. It’s a mistake I won’t be making in the future. Mum tried one of their delicious Christmas Pudding Brownies, whilst I sampled a Rasberry one. Both were exceptional in terms of texture and flavour. I have a feeling we’ll be utilising their mail order service in the not to distant future.

Bernie and the Beanpole

Bernie and the Beanpole are a brand I discovered at last year’s Country Living Christmas Fair and was delighted to see there again. In addition to their gorgeous knitwear, this fantastic company also produce matching pyjamas from children from one through to ten. Something that I know from personal experience isn’t that common at all. Perfect for those of you who like me have a large age gap between your children.


Having spent last Christmas dairy free, I am always delighted when brands go the extra mile for others with allergies. I know how hard it is to miss out on the treats you enjoy, especially at Christmas time when forms so much of the day. I was thrilled therefore to discover that LillyPuds do a dairy free and a gluten free version of their delicious Christmas Pudding. So whether you have an allergy, or don’t why not support this fantastic brand this Christmas.

Little Farming Folk

I fell in love with these gorgeous tops from Little Farming Folk, the moment I set eyes on them. With a son who is obsessed with wearing vehicle related clothes, I am delighted that the company have developed such a beautiful tasteful range. A range that I know he will love and that I will be proud to dress him in. Now I just need to decide which one to buy…

Sue Fenlon Art

One of the things there is always an abundance of at the Christmas Fair are beautiful Christmas cards. This year however none came close to those from Sue Fenlon Art. What’s more her beautiful range extends far beyond cards. The bone china mugs were my personal favourite, especially as they had lovely  coasters to match. With both an online shop and a walk in gallery to choose from, why not explore for yourself and see if you too can find gifts for those tricky to buy for family members.

What Would We Change?

Unlike last year and other events I’ve been to at the Harrogate International Centre, we struggled a little for food, finding only a very limited range of sandwiches to choose from. It was by no means the end of the world though, it just meant I had more space for cake!

Will We Visit Again?

Absolutely, I can’t think of a better way to start the festive period off each year.


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