Signing With Children: Week Two Basic Travel Signs

I hope you enjoyed week one of our sign language course. If you’re reading this, then I guess it means that my less than musical singing of Mr Jackson’s Farm didn’t put you off too much.

If you’ve started using the signs at home, please don’t worry if your little one hasn’t started to pick them just yet. It can often take at least a month, before they start to make those connections.

Just keep using them in your day to day life. You will find that gradually over time they will pick them up.

One of my favourite times to incorporate signs is at story time, as the children and I are both relaxed. The repetition of hearing them again and again when we read the story also really helps.

If you missed out how to get started guide last week you can check it out here:

This week’s signs are travel related. Just the basic ones to get you started, but don’t worry a wider variety will be heading your way in later weeks.

The song ‘Riding In Our Car’ is one that gets sung most days here. Both when we’re out on journeys and in the house playing:

As always if you have any questions or would like any help at all with your signing journey please do get in touch.

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18 thoughts on “Signing With Children: Week Two Basic Travel Signs

  1. When I was 13 or so, in Canada, my entire class went to play hockey at the local ice rink for the day. I didn’t want to play hockey, so I spent the day in the library learning the first three chapters of the ASL book. I still remember much of it! It’s not very useful in the UK, I know, but it’s such a good skill to have.

  2. What a useful post , i always wanted to learn ASL , in order to be able to communicate with everyone , i also have a deaf dog – and i made a mistake of creating my own sign language the one she be able to recognize , i know its not any compasment but i believe asl should be thought in school

  3. Love this. I learned some basic signs when my son was diagnosed with a hearing loss. I found it all fascinating. In our primary school, many moons ago now ,we were taught some sign language too as some of our classmates were hearing impaired, I think regardless ,learning to sign is definitely something worth doing. Great job you x

  4. I’ve only just stumbled across this post and I adore what you are doing. I’m going to go through your series so far and show them to my daughter. She will love these songs! She’s doing sign language at nursery, but I’ve always wanted to be able to show her more at home as well. I’ll be following this series intently! 😀 x

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