Have You Ever Wondered What Blogging Is Really Like?

The truth is, blogging is a funny world.

It’s a world filled with incredible opportunities. And yet a world filled with disappointments.

It’s a world with the highest highs and the biggest lows.

It’s a world where you connect with the most incredible people. An opportunity to touch lives.

Yet it’s also a world where you open yourself up to judgement and interrogation, by people you don’t know and who you’ll probably never meet.

It’s a world where figures matter. They are how you are judged.

For campaigns, for opportunities, and for some for their livelihood.

Yet, for most of they are not how we judge ourselves.

We do that based on the people who message us and tell that a post in some way or another has touched them.

And we do it when someone messages us and tells us we have done wrong. Either in our parenting or within a post.

You see, behind each blog is a person. A person with thought and hopes and dreams.

Most of us are a little too passionate. Many of us care too much.

Our blogs become almost like an extra child, something to be protected and nurtured. Something we lavish time on.

They are an extension of us.

This week blogging has shown me its best. It’s given me the opportunity to take my extended family away at Christmas. Ten of us all together, a Christmas to remember.

But it’s also shown me its worst. It’s shown me what happens when you hold your head above the parapet. It’s shown me how hurtful the reactions of others can be.

So I say this to you. If you read a blog please remember, behind that screen is a human.

A human who rejoices at every comment and every like. A human desperate to make at least a small amount of difference in the world.

We will not get it right all the time, you will not always agree with us,

And that is ok, the world would be very boring if we all thought the same way.

But please if you don’t, tell us kindly and ask us to explain. We will. Because we like you want to be understood.

It is after all, one of the reasons we started to write.


2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered What Blogging Is Really Like?

  1. So sorry you have had negative experiences. Disregard them the best that you can.
    Blogging is so important for the blogger (as a reflective tool) and for others who looking for someone who writes about things relevant to them, especially when they have hadn’t had the opportunity to formulate these thoughts clearly themselves.
    Don’t be discouraged!

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