Signing With Children: Week One Animal Signs

Signing with my children as babies is one of the best things I ever did.

It made both they and me less frustrated. But it also gave me an early insight into their thoughts, which I will treasure forever.

Signing isn’t just beneficial for babies though, it can also really help older children who are struggling with speech and language.

The high rate of success at being understood that children gain from signing, encourages them to persevere with spoken language. Quite simply because they believe you will understand them.

If you’ve ever wondered whether signing is right for your family, or how to get started, why not watch my  short introduction to see how it works.

The signs I use are all British Sign Language Signs, which means it’s a great skill for older children to have as well.

For those of you who use Makaton, please be assured that there is a large amount of overlap. In fact within this series, as far as I am aware only the sign for cow differs slightly.

Each week I’ll introduce a new set of signs and a bespoke song to accompany them. As well as giving you tips and tricks about how to incorporate signing in your everyday lives.

This week’s signs relate to farm animals and are usually a big hit with children. The song Mr Jackson’s Farm is one of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy it (my singing aside), and it becomes one of yours too.

If you have any questions about signing with children or would like any help then please do get in touch.



22 thoughts on “Signing With Children: Week One Animal Signs

  1. This is such a good idea to get kids to pick this up from a young age. They say the older you get the harder it is to pick up new languages and I guess sign language will be the same.

    V <3

  2. Ahh brilliant! We used Makaton with Joseph which was totally led by him and self taught. We used PECS too which was helpful.

    Loved hearing your singing voice (& finally your face!)

    Am I the only one thinking rude things with the first picture of the animal sign 😱


    1. Hahaha my toddler definitely has some interesting interpretations, you are very kind about my singing. It’s definitely not a strength x

  3. What a brilliant post series! I am so happy we chose to sign with my son from birth (before we knew he was autistic). As it turns out, his speech was delayed and incredibly disordered, so that it sounded like a different language. The fact that he had a vocabulary of signs, I believe, really minimised any frustration arising from not being able to make himself understood. His first word was a sign – “light”, which he signed when we opened the curtains one morning. I’d heartily advocated signing to everybody, and if you use BSL, you will be doing the Deaf community (and yourself) a service, too.


    1. Bless you, I think it made a huge difference to my daughter (also on the Spectrum), so glad it made such a big difference to your family x

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