Mumsnet Influencers: A Recipe For Success

Today was an incredible day.

Inspiring. Educational. Energising.

But more than that it was a day to feel a real part of something. The team at Mumsnet Influencers pulled out all the stops to make the first of their more intimate influence events a massive success.

The team were friendly, professional and welcoming.

They had had a stressful week, with a last minute venue change thrown into the mix, but to look at them today you would never have guessed. Instead they looked calm and collected and made a real effort to ensure that every blogger, big or small, new or not so new to the blogging world felt welcome and at ease.

The itinerary itself was fantastic.

Not least because each seminar was led by experts in their field. Experts who talked with authority, but more importantly with passion. We learnt Instagram for Instagram themselves, and got to play with a wide selection of exciting products from Canon.

There was no fluff.

Sessions were focused, to the point and told us exactly what we needed to do to be successful in a given area. More than that though, each session left us with something new to think about. From new features heading our way on Facebook to the best way to utilise video to engage readers on Instagram.

We discussed self doubt, marketing and believing in ourselves.

Something that we all agreed was a barrier in taking our blogs to the next level.

This was an event focused carefully on the needs of the people attending. It wasn’t a catch all conference trying to cater for everyone and anyone, whatever their level. And that gave it an edge.

Because every single thing that was said was directly relevant to the people who were there.

What’s more the Influencers attending were relevant to each other. There was an intimacy about the event which meant that by the end of the day we all met a wide range of new bloggers as well as got to chat to those we had met in the online world.

There was no judgement, no game play, just a group of women connecting and sharing knowledge.

It felt good. Really good.

I know that there will definitely be some new blogs on my radar, that I’m excited to read. But more than that I feel as if I’ve made some new friends that I’ll keep in touch with for a long time to come.

And that is important. Perhaps even as important as the content of the day itself.

The team at Mumsnet Influencers got the recipe just right, right down to the incredible lunch.

By the time I get home tonight it will be 20 hours since I left my front door this morning. And do you know something?

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Because every minute was worthwhile.

So much so that I’m already keeping my fingers crossed that there will be another one soon.


16 thoughts on “Mumsnet Influencers: A Recipe For Success

    1. We were split into four different groups whilst there, but certainly those I spoke to on the day all really loved it. It was such a supportive atmosphere which was really lovely x

  1. Glad to hear there was no fluff and it was all very helpful stuff. I’ve never been to something like this before but it looks like a fantastic event for serious bloggers!

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