Seventeen Month Feeding Update

It’s been a while since I sat down and updated you on our feeding journey, so with the bank holiday weekend put behind us I thought I’d fill you in on the Lion’s progress.

After a couple of wobbly weeks when I’d started to wonder whether we were going backwards, things have once again turned a corner for the positive. Probably if I’m honest, primarily because we’ve been out and about more than usual!

Eating out always works well for us.

The Lion is distracted by the excitement around him and much more willing to eat foods that he would be reluctant to have at home. If you can find a table where dogs and/ or birds can be seen, so much the better. Both of these are definitely on his current love list and he’ll happily sit for hours and watch them.

New meals are particularly successful.

The Lion seems to eat much better the first time he tastes something new. I think he likes to get us all excited that we have found another food he will eat, so that we go out and stock up on it. Once we have of course, he promptly looks at us as though we are absolutely crazy and refuses to eat it ever again.

We are progressing on the milk ladder…. Kind of.

We haven’t had any reactions, which is great. But on the Other Hand the Lion, hasn’t exactly been willing to try out the foods on the list either. Cake he has decided is overrated (can he really be my son?) And Scotch Pancakes? Well he really loves those. But only if he can crumble them rather than actually eat them.

We’ve had therefore to be somewhat creative in our approach.

We’ve given him both pastry and bread, both of which seem to have gone down well. I have no idea if it was the right thing to do or not – but both are baked – so I’m hoping it is.

The next missions are Shepherd’s Pie and Lasagna, neither of which I expect him to eat either, so more creativity will definitely be called for.

Things are definitely variable.

He has great days, and less great ones. But that’s ok. Six months ago there were no great days, and slowly but surely those great days are stacking up.

He’s decided he loves smoothies.

We’ve always struggled to get enough non-breast milk liquids down, so discovering he in love with Mango smoothies has definitely been a find. We haven’t bought them for home as we’re still persevering with both the water and the oat milk, but they’ve proved a great option for when we’re out and about. Especially if the Bear is drinking the same. As she’s definitely his hero right now.

If the Bear says do it, yes you’ve guessed it, the Lion is going to jump right on in.

We have a weigh in this week, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for good news. And for once, I’m actually quite hopeful.

After all, one step at a time, we really are getting there.

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