A Year Ago Today I Googled ‘Limited Peripheral Vision In Babies’

This week we had yet another hospital appointment.

This time for the Lion’s eyes.

It made me remember just how worried we had been.

For the first few months, the Lion didn’t seem to engage with us at all. There was none of the attraction to faces you read about babies having. He didn’t look at me lovingly when feeding like his big sister had. In fact he didn’t really appear to see us at all.

Instead he focused on big blank spaces.

We wiggled toys and walked around the room trying to gain his attention, but it was rare that he noticed any of our antics.

As the weeks turned into months we began to wonder if he could see.

And although when he was four months things started to improve and he began to engage with us more, he still didn’t seem to notice anything in his peripheral vision.

We thought we were being paranoid – especially with everything else that was going on with him, so much so that it wasn’t even something we mentioned when we saw the hospital consultant.

At that point there were bigger fish to fry – constant pain, the lack of use of his left arm and the fact that weight gain had totally stopped.

His peripheral vision was far from being at the forefront of our minds.

Until that is the consultant flagged it up. The Lion wasn’t tracking as he should.

It was another worry to add to the many we already had.

And further confirmation that something just wasn’t quite right. Cue more sleepless nights.

He referred to to an Opthamologist, who basically looked at him for a while but said he was too small to really know if there was a problem or not. Therefore he would see him again in a year’s time.

As the year has progressed his vision has improved greatly, to the point where if I’m honest until the letter with his appointment details came through the post, I’d forgotten that we were ever worried.

Apparently in some babies, visual skills just mature much later than they do in others.

And the Lion was just one of those.

This week he got the all clear. Another worry disappeared.

Another appointment boxed off.


I am incredibly grateful. For a long time we didn’t think our lives would turn out this way.

Our little man has surpassed all expectations once again

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