A Review Of Reading Eggs

*This is a sponsored, but honest review.

As a teacher I am all too familiar with the problems that students face if they miss crucial blocks of their learning.

The new curriculum is busy. It is hectic and it’s full of content. Students are no longer expected to progress through a level based system, learning at their own rate.

Instead they are judged at being at the expected level for their age, exceeding it or below it.

The pressure on teachers to keep good data, to show progress and to keep children where they should be in relation to their age has never been so great.

But the reality is that our children are not machines. They don’t all learn in the same way at the same time.

And it’s all too easy in the need to move forward at a frantic pace to miss those children who need a little extra help. And indeed, to focus not enough on those who are easily meeting their targets.

It’s why programmes like Reading Eggs are such a fantastic idea, both for schools and for parents.


So Why Do I Love It?

Any good teacher will tell you that in an ideal world learning should be both individualised and fun. Children should be given the opportunities to consolidate their knowledge when needed. And to be pushed to be the best they can in areas where they have strengths. Reading Eggs, allows parents and teachers to give children this opportunity. It is far from a one size fits all programme.

From fun matching and finding games to interactive books that children can read to their parents or enjoy being read to them. Reading Eggs covers all of the basic building blocks of learning to read. What’s even better is that the games are so much fun that children will be happy to play them again and again. Giving them the vital time for consolidation which is so often missing at school.

One thing I really love about the programme, is its commitment to ensuring skills are generalised and fully understood.

This is no rote learning programme, where a child can predict the right answer without having the knowledge. This is a true teaching tool. One which has been well thought out and designed to ensure that real learning does take place.

And it’s not just basic decoding skills that the programme focuses on. It goes so much further than that. From teaching rhyming to building vocabulary these really are games designed to support your child’s literacy development, no matter what level they are at.

The voices used within the games are clear and precise, perfect for children who struggle with pronounced regional variations.

And I’m also impressed by the range of fonts the programme uses to ensure children recognise that letters can be presented to them in different ways.

I’ve used a lot of reading programmes, both in print format and online, as a mum and as a teacher. But I can honestly say that there are very few that are as well thought out as Reading Eggs.

What Would I Change About It?

Honestly – Absolutely nothing. This is a programme that I can’t fault and would really love to have access to in my classroom.

Who Would I Recommend It To?

Parents and teachers who are looking to work on reading and comprehension skills, in a relaxed, low pressure and enjoyable way.

With the perfect balance of fun and learning it’s a programme that will help children improve their literacy skills. What’s more it will help them do so in a way that they really will enjoy.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look for yourself. Reading Eggs are currently offering families a five week no obligation trial, a great way to kick of your child’s learning at the start of this, the new school year.

Why hope you love it as much as we do.

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