A Review Of First News: A Newspaper For 7 – 14 Year Olds

*This is a sponsored, but honest review.

As an English teacher by trade I am passionate about getting children reading.

Parents often worry about ways to encourage it. Especially in those who are reluctant to pick up a full novel. Either because they are overwhelmed by the size, or they are less interested in fiction than fact.

First News is a perfect solution. Aimed at 7-14 year olds, it is a fun, colourful publication crammed full of articles guaranteed to ignite the interests of children and young people.

So What Do I Love About It As A Parent?

First News doesn’t shy away from serious, hard hitting topics – instead it presents them in an age appropriate manner.

It combats the worries so many young people have about world issues, by giving them access to the facts in a way that they can understand.

As a parent I could relax, knowing that I was giving my daughter the knowledge she wanted, without worrying about her coming across content that was inappropriate.

The Bear was really inspired by so many of the stories and couldn’t wait to share with us what she had discovered.

I was also really impressed that she wanted to learn more about many of the articles that she read.

It contains a huge variety of stories. From quick snippets which really drew the Bear in, to more in depth articles which satisfied her need for knowledge. From serious articles about gene modification to fun facts about the world’s biggest bouncy castle.

It’s great fun, alongside the articles First News is crammed full of competitions, quizzes and cartoons. With a wordsearch, crossword and sudoku alongside a word wheel, word ladder and spot the difference there really is something for everyone. The Lion loved completing them.

How About From The Point Of View Of A Teacher?

This is a publication that really prepares children for their future education.
So often in school, I ask students to draw on knowledge and experience they have gained from outside the classroom. And it’s always clear from their answers to see which students read widely and have an awareness of world issues. Publications like First News can go a long way in helping our young people develop the awareness of the wider world, which is needed for success not only in the education system but in life.

The challenges contained within the paper, are also an added bonus. Such activities are particularly important in preparation for today’s curriculum which relies heavily on problem solving.

Is There Anything We Would Change?

It would be great to see links to places Children could find out more about topics that have interested them. Whether in the form of books or websites. I know the Bear was really keen to discover more about lots of the things she read. A credit to how engaging the publication is.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

Parents and teachers looking to inspire a love of reading or an interest in the wider world in children and young people.

This is a product which was a huge success with the Bear, and one which I’m sure we’ll be subscribing to in the future.

Don’t take my word for it though. You can test it out for yourself. First News are currently offering families a trial of six free issues upon inputting your payment details. This means that your children can experience it before you commit to a subscription as cancellation at any point during the first six weeks will not incur any cost.

A Review Of First News; A Newspaper For Seven To Fourteen Year Olds

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4 thoughts on “A Review Of First News: A Newspaper For 7 – 14 Year Olds

  1. This is fab! I used to read a child-friendly newspaper when I was a kid, and it’s what sparked my desire to go into Journalism as a career choice. It will definitely help her learn more about the world x

  2. Oh wow what an amazing new concept!!! I love the idea of this and we are a family that loves to read!! I think I’ll sign up for the free trial my eldest would really enjoy this!!

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