Getting The Reflux Medicine Down

A Reflux Medicine Related Curveball

The thing about parenting is just when you think you’ve got it sorted; your children throw you a curveball. You solve one problem – or ok, maybe not solve, so much as come to terms with – only to be confronted with something else that you hadn’t seen coming at all.

Of all the problems we’ve had with the Lion’s eating, the one thing we’ve always been able to rely on is that he would take his medicine. I have no idea why, but somehow he seemed to like it. In fact he even got excited when we got it out. Yes I know that’s weird and pretty lucky. Because let’s face it when the medicine is a dissolvable tablet, it doesn’t actually taste nice at all.

Until that is tonight.

And much as I hate to say it, I think it’s my fault that he’s learnt to get rid of it. Yesterday he had a great eating day. We went out to lunch at Zizzi, which very conveniently (given they have a whole dairy free menu) is situated on a main road. The lovely waitress gave us a window seat and the Lion was in heaven watching the cars go by. Consequently, he really enjoyed his lunch. Ok, admittedly not much of it was actually swallowed, but he did take great pleasure in sucking and chewing it and I really thought we had hit a turning point.

Fast forward to today.

Spurred on by yesterday’s success, I decided we would try to reintroduce the spoon. We bought coconut yogurt, which at one point was a hit. And we got a result. Number Two happily took the spoon and accepted the yogurt. Then immediately spat it out. A process that we (I) repeated multiple times, with no success at all, because as fast as I could spoon it in he could spit it out.

And then came the aftermath.

Tea-time came, with a mini win of a couple of bites of banana pancake. Bath time was enjoyed and passed without event. Then medicine time came. But tonight it wasn’t eagerly taken from the syringe. Tonight it was spat out. Every last drop.

Even our attempts at squiring it towards his cheek, which apparently is the magic way to get it down, were to no avail.

He has learnt to get rid of liquid in his mouth.

And that it seems is that!

So mummies, tonight I need your help like never before. What are your tricks and tips for getting the reflux medicine down?


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