The Life Of A Second Baby

As I stood yesterday in the middle of a field for three hours for the second time this week I realised just how much the Lion has had to fit in with our lives.

The Bear as a baby, was my world. Everything revolved around her.

When (admittedly rarely) she slept the whole house stood still. Car journeys were planned around when they would fit in with her naps, and the only meals that were made were those that could be cooked and eaten with one hand.

The picking out of her outfits was my daily delight and not so much as a sock went near her without being meticulously ironed first.

Now as I adjust to a world where two children are at the centre, the Lion’s babyhood experience is somewhat different.

His naps have to fit in with school pick ups and drop offs, the house doesn’t stop still while he sleeps and as we discovered when out for Father’s Day lunch, he can quite literally sleep through a fire alarm! Meals still have to be cooked and if he grumbles a little, he might have to wait a few seconds longer than I’d like to be picked up.

His undergarments are certainly never ironed (what on earth was I thinking with the Bear?) and his outer ones are only ironed if I can’t get away with not doing.

And yes if the Bear has a sporting event, he’s dragged along and when necessary, unceremoniously fed under a poncho (much to his disgust) in the middle of a field.

Funny how much eight years and two children can change your perspective on life

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