A Review Of The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One


*This carrier was gifted to us for review.

Having owned a BabyBjorn carrier, what now seems like many years ago, when Number One was small, I was delighted when BabyBjorn asked us if we’d like to trial their newest carrier.

And when it arrived and we started to use it, I was even more thrilled.

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One, is undoubtedly a step up from any of the carriers I’ve previously trialled. Not least because it goes all the way up to three years of age.

So Why Do We Love It?

It is a carrier that is both versatile and well designed.

It enables you to carry your child in three different ways; facing you, facing the world and on your back. This makes it perfect for their changing development and size. But it also means that you can vary things when you’re out and about.

The Lion is now at the stage where he loves to face outwards and see the world, albeit whilst clutching onto my finger to check I’m not going to disappear. But when he’s getting sleepy, or during times of illness it’s lovely to be able to face him towards us.

It gives him that extra security of feeling cuddled. And I know once he’s just a little bit older he’s going to love the experience of riding on our backs too.

After all it’s exciting to see your surroundings from a different vantage point.

Because of the Lion’s Reflux, we like to babywear as often as possible when we’re out and about. Being upright during the day, means we’re much more likely to get a good night’s sleep at night. And in my eyes that has to be a good thing!

If I’m honest though, as much as I loved our previous Carrier, now the Lion is eleven months old my back was starting struggle. I was even beginning to wonder how much longer we would manage to babywear for.

But I needn’t have worried. The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One has been designed with parents as well as babies in mind. Its ergonomic waist belt and padded shoulder straps mean it’s easy to change the way I’m carrying the Lion. Redistributing his weight, means I can once again carry him with ease.

Well that is, if I manage to wrestle it off the Other Half for long enough to use it. It seems in our house I’m not the only convert!

Because the carrier is so snug and the baby shoulder straps are easily adjustable and fit well, it also means that that even master wriggler the Lion is unable to break out.

This really adds to the ease of carrying him. But it also makes me more confident in using the carrier when I’m out and about on my own. It is genuinely hands free, meaning you are sure you’re baby is safe. The peace of mind means it’s easy to simultaneously carry bags of shopping.

Is There Anything We Would Change?

Yes, I would definitely have invested in a Baby Bjorn carrier earlier. Especially for those times when I was out and about on my own.

I really can’t fault the carrier itself in any way.

So Who Would We Recommend It To?

I would honestly recommend this carrier to anyone whose little one enjoys being carried.

And any parents who want to escape the house without a pram – at least some of the time!

For me babywearing is about closeness, it’s about ease (lugging a pram everywhere I go is not my idea of fun) and it’s about experiences.

At pram level Number Two can see lots of legs, he gets easily bored and days out are less fun – for him and for us. In the carrier, he is on eye level making it easier for him to interact with his world.

He smiles at passers by, and they smile back. He points at things he sees and we smile with him. Above all he is more content, happier and his patience lasts just that bit longer.

Days out become a pleasure. And that has to be a good thing, for him and for us.

Don’t you agree?


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